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:COM: Gaster X Grillby by fluffylink


Stars by Tivari We Are Made Of Star Stuff by ThePrettiestSalad
I'm just a 18-year-old Gaster fan who is a total loser. I design stuff for you to possibly buy.
I'm a huge Grillster trash.
Feel free to talk to me, I'm lonely. I'm bad at socializing tho.
f2u divider by planetless
"Theres a million, billion, trillion stars, but I'm down here low"


Devious Journal Entry

Sun Jan 22, 2017, 11:44 PM
Snowflake bullet by Sukiie Animated Snowflake Icon (For Dark Backgrounds) by Gasara Snowflake bullet by Sukiie

Stolen from LunarLine because they mentioned me in theirs

Snowflake bullet by Sukiie

1. What is your name? 
Gaster or Story. Depends really when you met me.

2. Where are you from? What is it like where you live?
Finland. Dark and kinda cold atm.

3. How old are you? 

4. Are you a boy or a girl? 
I am a WO-MAN
I'm a girl but I'm a mankin

5. Do you like boys, girls, or both? 
I like noone but I guess dem bois

6. Describe yourself in four words. 
grillster-trash, bitch, emotionless and a dikk

7. What do you think people first think when they meet you online?
wtf. is this a kid?

8. What do you think people first think when they meet you in real life? 
Can you talk?

9. What makes you happy?
My special interests. 

10. What really grinds your gears? 
Kids on dA

11. What is a big deal to most people but not a big deal to you? 
Famous people are dyinggg

12. What is a big deal to you but not a big deal to most people? 

13. What confuses you? 
Why do people think I'm a good artist/designer????

14. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 
I'm both honestly.

15. Do you draw? (Post 4 of your favorite drawings!)
[CUSTOM] LunarLine by Gaster-Story Story Time by Gaster-Story Nebula by Gaster-Story Blood Loss by Gaster-Story

16. What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Draw and cry

17. What is your specialty? 
Being a fuckinnn loser

18. Do you have any fears? 
A lot. Look at this meme

19. Do you have a fursona?
Yepp. I do not have a picture of it tho.

20. What is your spirit animal? 

21. Where is your favorite place to be? 
The void

22. What is your favorite type of weather? 
Warm and sunny

23. What is your favorite song? 

24. What is the funniest thing you've ever seen on the internet? 
This video of a puppy ''dancing'' against a glass with casual music playing.

25. What is your favorite website? 

26. Pick up the nearest book you can reach and flip to a random page. What is the first sentence in the second paragraph? 
''Operates in he Hyvinkää-Riihimäki region of Southern Finland''

27. Do you like PC or Mac (or Linux)? 

28. Do you like Android or iOS (or Windows Phone OS)? 

29. What's your favorite possession? 
My Plushie of Princess Blood Rage (An oc of mine)

30. What is your favorite type of cookie? 
I dont really like cookies-

31. What is your favorite beverage?
Battery energy drink

32. What is your favorite game? 
Pokemon or Undertale (Thanks to WhitetheLightMaster  for getting it for me ) or Binding of Isaac ( Thanks to FlashFir3 for getting it for me )

33. Tell us a funny childhood story. 
When my parents would start cleaning, I would go around the house after them and everytime they picked something up and out it down, I would move it to be exactly like it was before.
Also me and Yukidog674 covered ourselves' in mud and my mom threw cold water on us.
I also ate dog food.

34. Do you have a pet? 
1 cat names Pete

35. Who is your favorite artist? 
@/Airi-draws-stuff @/Yukidog674 @/YukiAdoptablesPonies @/Kosperry @/KYAokay @/Groovebird @/LuckyJokerz @/lee--bee @/Saccstry 

36. Have you ever stolen anything? 
Pft..... yes-

37. Has anyone ever stolen something from you? 
YES Yukidog674 

38. What is your favorite cartoon/video game character? 
>> Gaster-
Blue Diamond, Papyrus, Grillby

39. What inspires you? 
Myself, and aesthetic shit and music

40. Are you in a relationship? 
I'm in a relationship with my second blanket.

41. Do you have any crushes? 

42. Do you have an ex?
My ex-special interests.

43. Are you a virgin? 

44. What attracts you?

45. Do you move fast in relationships, or slow? 

46. Do you think you are on the right path in life?

47. What is the meaning of life?
To die

48. What is stressing you out right now?
School and my mental health and thAT ONLY LIKE 4 PEOPLE CARE

49. What calms you down?
Talking about Gaster and Grillby

50. A train leaves the station heading west at 34 MPH, and another train leaves a station heading east at 25 MPH. a car heads north towards the train tracks at 65 MPH, and a man is walking southeast at 1 MPH while holding a glass of chocolate milk, which is spoiling at a rate of 10,000 bacteria reproductions per minute. A bird flies by going southeast at 25 MPH and poops at a 15 degree angle with a force of 5 MPH. A gust of wind approaches from the west blowing at 286 MPH and a giant watermelon explodes from the northeast with the force of 15 tons of TNT, casting large sections of delicious fruity goodness several thousand feet. Given all of this information, calculate the probability that pigs will mutate and gain not only wings but the ability to think intelligently and the chance that they will plot to hunt me down and eat my sandwich. 
Prolly none

51. What are you wearing right now?
Gray long sleeved turtle neck, Black skinny jeans, Black beanie with ''Whatever' written on it and a blue ''cool story bro'' pin on the side, White winter boots.

52. What is your favorite thing to wear? 
My beanie and turtle neck shirts

53. On a scale of 1-10, how creepy are you? 

54. Are you a pervert? 
Not really idk

55. Have you traveled? Where is the nicest place you have gone?
Bulgaria. I went there when I was like 5 but I still want to visit there again.

56. Are you feeling it Mr. Krabs? 
spongebob rape face 

57. What are you supposed to be doing right now? 
Doing school work.

58. How often are you on the computer? 
Pretty much all the time.

59. How often are you on DeviantART?
Pretty much everytime I'm on the computer, plus more

60. What's something you just naturally know how to do? 

61. What superpower would you want to have? 

62. If you got 10 million dollars, what would you do with it? 
Help my parents get a better house. And then buy some shit I want

63. What is your favorite emote? 

64. What are you addicted to? 

65. What is something you can't wait for? 
Yukidog674 is coming to visit me and we are going to watch a shitty web series

66. What is your favorite quote?
I dont have one fuck you

67. How do you wish you were different? 
I wish I was actually good looking.

68. Do you believe in aliens? 

Good job. You're fucking 12.

70. Do you want to get married? ?

71. Do you want to have children? 

72. What is the best thing? 
Someone listening and actually caring about the stupid little ideas I come up with

73. What is the worst thing? 
When a friend of mine said I dont have this one thing but evidence points out very strongly I do.

74. Tell us a fun fact about anything. 
Elephants' penises are the length of a man.

75. What would be the best day ever for you? 
When I get to die.

76. Do you like roller coasters? 

77. Are you religious? 
Nope. Not at all.

78. Are you in college? (What are you studying?) 
I'm in vocational school. I study to be a Media Assistant.

79. Do you have a job? (What do you do?) 

80. What do you wish you had? 

81. What is one thing you wish everyone in the world could agree on? 
There is nothing wrong with being non-cis or non-straight.

82. If you turned into an animal, what animal do you think it would be? 
One of those deep sea fishes that looks like a blob

83. What kind of phone do you have? 
Samsung something

84. What is your favorite thing to look at? 

85. What is your favorite thing to smell?
My red lip balm

86. What is your favorite thing to hear?

87. What is your favorite thing to taste? 

88. What is your favorite thing to feel?
Soft things like my blanket

89. Do you believe in ghosts? 

90. Do you like hugs, or are you no-touch? 

91. What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought? 
I dont remember.

92. What do you miss? 
When I was happyyy

93. What do you wish you were better at? 

94. What do you think about a lot? 
Gaster and Grillby fugin

95. Do you have any allergies? 

96. What is your favorite game?
See question #32

97. What is your favorite little kid show?
Steven Universe.

98. What is the best joke you know? 
My allahu akbar jokes. I'm sorry.

99. What makes you different than everyone else? 
How stupid I can be.

100. Was this quiz worth it?
No not really

Snowflake bullet by Sukiie Animated Snowflake Icon (For Dark Backgrounds) by Gasara Snowflake bullet by Sukiie


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